The Hustle is Real CBD Helps

The entrepreneur’s life is fast-paced, to say the least. There are moments of hustle, stress, overwhelm, highs, lows, and everything in between; we should know since we live it every day! But, we could all do with a little bit of balance, and that’s where CBD comes in. Below, we’ve rounded up our favorite products for your boss life looking at all the categories and use cases that apply, including travel, during your daily routine, to help with stress and anxiety + tinctures for instant relief and some delicious CBD treats. You work hard and deserve bliss!

CBD for Travel

Travel is stressful! For everyone. It’s not just getting through security and your fear of heights that can pack on the stress. As an entrepreneur, you’re heading to that big meeting to meet with potential clients or investors so reducing the pressure is priority #1. These products are perfect when you’re making moves!

  • Apricity CBD Water-soluble CBD Packets Perfect for any beverage which means you can add to your airport coffee, tea, H2O. Drink your calm in before you hop on that plane!
  • Highborn Defume CBD Roll On Exotic, warm and totally soul-calming. We love this roll-on for a fast-acting way to combat discomfort. Perfect for those in-flight ahhhhhhs. 
  • Kiskanu CBD Face Oil (travel size)  This deeply moisturizing face oil is perfect for anywhere on your body that needs some TLC. Plus this tiny bottle is an easy-to-pack addition to your overnight bag.

CBD for your Daily Routine

Infusing CBD into your daily routine is so easy, it’s hard to remember what you were doing pre-CBD! We love these products because they make those simple parts of our day a little more blissful.

  • Wildflower CBD soap in Lavender or Vanilla Don’t just wash your skin, give your face and body a non-drying lovely lather. Your soap should be luxurious too!
  • Cloud CBD Scout Cookie Scrub For tired feet, dry skin, and even chapped lips, let this sugar cream scrub be your sweet sweet relief after a long day. 
  • Cococanna CBD Body Butter Don’t hold back, apply Cococanna all over! You’ll glow, you’ll feel hydrated and 100% nurtured from the outside in.
  • Mary’s Nutritionals Muscle Freeze You work hard, you play hard, yoga and run and gym hard too. And when your muscles ache, let Mary do the work! This award-winning cream gives you instant relief while hydrating and repairing skin. 
  • Nomad Transcend CBD Hair Serum The ways this serum transcends…let us count the ways! It treats and protects, fights signs of aging hair, and restores/gives new life and luster.

CBD for Stress or Anxiety

Perfect for unwinding after a stressful day, or managing anxiety at any time, these products help you relax and remember – hey, life is good.

  • Stylefox Beauty Super Greens Mask Detox, heal and supercharge your skin. This facial in a bag will leave your complexion looking vibrant and will leave you feeling pampered and relaxed.
  • Ambika Bath Soak Transform a mundane bath into a divine ritual! Relax your senses, evoke your spirit, and take in the soothing properties and scent of heart-centering rose petals. This soak contains Full Spectrum Hemp Extract which = anti-inflammatory healing goodness.
  • Papa & Barkley CBD Infused Balm This salve gives your muscles an activated warmth, followed by a cooling sensation. Combine that with the subtly herbaceous scent and essential oils and your aches, pains and everyday stressors seem to melt away. 

CBD Tinctures

Okay, what is a tincture?! It’s the perfect catch-all delivery of CBD that you can use for immediate effects. For the most potent impact hold the desired dose under your tongue for a moment. Or for a more diluted dose put into any beverage of your choice. CBD cocktail anyone? 

  • Tonic CHILL Tincture This is Tonic’s most calming dose. Use it for daytime calm and increase the amount to combat anxiety and help you get your zzzs. #fixyourvibe
  • New Highs Tincture All of New High’s CBD oils are made with CO2 derived hemp extract and fractionated coconut oil, MCT (Medium-Chain Triglycerides). All that fancy science talk means that their tinctures are effective, high quality and will give you a new view on getting calm.
  • Aurelian CBD Tincture Taste free and versatile; this oil gives you enhanced relief from the anxiety and stress that comes with entrepreneur life. Say goodbye to boss stress and hi to overall well-being. 
  • BKLYN CBD Finesse Time Drops Give yourself some lemony love. This tincture gives the perfect lemon essence to ice water, tea, or all alone. Whether on-the-go or cozy at home, decide your vibe with this calming tincture. 
  • Can Be Done Hemp Oil Craving a minty fresh feel? If you’re having a no-nonsense kind of day, this natural, earthy flavor, straight from the source is for you. 

CBD for your Tastebuds

Have your CBD and eat it too! These treats have us snacking happier than ever. No matter how you get your CBD, you’re going to be so much more #blissed. 

  • GO BASIC Edibles CBD Chocolate Take 1 to chill. Take 2 to chillllll. These delicious and guilt-free chocolates help you calm down, chill out + get your raw cacao dose aka the bliss molecule. Sounds terrible, right?
  • King Karl CBD Dark Chocolate Edible Imagine ending each busy and fruitful day with a square of something delicious, something blissful. This decadent chocolate is 70% cacao, 100% delicious and one of our favorite CBD sweets.

All this to say, CBD is great for your lifestyle, it can help you focus, relax, unwind and more, and it’s available in so many accessible forms. Not sure where to start? Our CBD Consultants can help show you the light and recommend some amazing products that will fit right into your on-the-go life. Learn more (and say hey!) on our website:

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